US-Israel CONNECTED Summit
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Connect with the biggest-ever U.S. economic mission to Israel in an unprecedented event on the future of the U.S.-Israel business relationship.  
Today, billions of people, devices, and systems form a hyper-connected world with limitless potential. Together, our two great nations can expand our cooperation to capitalize on these new opportunities.  

Register now to meet the Delegation and hear expert presentations at one of THREE SEPARATE EVENTS: 

  • Wed May 28, 8am-2pm @ Dan Panorama - For senior executives in eHealth, Internet of Things, Medical Devices, and Neuroscience -- REGISTRATION IS NOW CLOSED.
  • Wed May 28, 2pm-4pm @ Miya Water, Tel Aviv, for senior executives in Water Tech -- REGISTRATION IS NOW CLOSED.
  • Thu May 29, 9am-12pm @ EMC, Herzliya, for senior executives in Cyber Security -- REGISTRATION IS NOW CLOSED.
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